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How to match jewelry in different seasons?

Color determines your complexion, and choosing color determines your complexion. Although the prerequisite for choosing jewelry color is a preference for jewelry color, if the color of jewelry does not match the “skin color attribute”, the “blemishes” on the face cannot be covered. , But also make jewelry lose its sense of value. As early as 1920, Johannes, an American expert on the coordination of color and skin tone, divided human skin into four categories: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The names of these four seasons correspond to the skin color they represent. Knowing which season’s skin color you belong to, the choice of jewelry color coordination, the display of the color life, and the artistic value of jewellery stock are all of extraordinary significance.


“Spring” color revives ivory white, apricot pink, or molasses

The colors are bright and vivid, giving people a bright and vivid impression, the warm sunshine like spring, and the life movement of pink and willow green. Only ivory white, apricot red, or molasses, such as fresh and tender skin, will have the revival of “spring” color.

  • Appropriate: All kinds of gemstones with clear and clear colors, such as emeralds, garnets, rubellites, amethysts, etc., can especially show the delicate beauty of women with “spring” skin.
  • Inappropriate: pink crystals, pink tourmalines, and pink can not highlight the color of the skin, and the skin can not highlight the color of pink crystals, it is considered the most unsuitable color treasure for people with white skin.

Blue sea and blue sky refreshing a “summer” transparent and white skin

The color is light and soft, giving a cool, feminine, and elegant impression, just like the refreshing blue sea and blue sky, and the refreshing mellow water of small streams. Only “transparent” and “white” skin can express such characteristics.

  • Appropriate: Choose to wear jewelry with natural white or rose tones such as ice jade, opal, white ivory, white coral, hibiscus, and pink pearls to make the face of the “summer woman” more attractive.
  • Inappropriate: Reddish or purple colored gems, such as garnet, amethyst, rubellite, etc., will make your skin appear darker and red, and the beauty of the gem itself will be greatly reduced.

Autumn mature charm, brown and golden skin

The color is rich, mature, and gorgeous, and it is as beautiful as the natural scenery in autumn. The color of autumn maple and red leaves, and the color of ripe fruit are all vividly interpreted. It is deeper than the spring, and only the skin color close to brown and golden can perfectly reflect nature. It makes a woman’s gestures have a strong mature charm, deep and intimate charm.

  • Appropriate: Green and purple colored gems will make your skin look mature and charming, exuding a strong feminine flavor, such as peridot, amethyst, and other gems, which will give you a deep and intimate charm.
  • Inappropriate: Colored gemstones of the same color as your skin may make your skin look dull, such as topaz.

Pure and vivid in winter, white or gray olive skin

Pure and vivid, like the persistence of pine green, the delicate beauty of the winter plum, and the purity of the night. Only the skin of cream or gray olives can match the winter and exude the temperament of winter.

  • Appropriate: Choose ruby, sapphire, emerald, and another deep and full color, rich and gorgeous jewelry to decorate, which can best demonstrate the purely intellectual and strong temperament of “winter”. The pure colors of white pearls and black pearls reflect brilliant light in the warmth, which can make winter-skinned women the focus of beauty anytime and anywhere.
  • Inappropriate: The strong contrast produced by pink gemstones not only makes the skin appear darker but also makes the wearer appear colder.

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