Do you know the classic elements of the top 5 jewelry brands?


The reason why big brands can become big brands, not only because they have a long history, but more importantly, they have generations of “cultural heritage”, will be a “element” into a classic. Today, Let’s reveal the top 5 big brands in the jewelry world (in no particular order), and their main classic elements. 01 […]

Metal & materials of Jewelry


A. Metal Brass is an alloy made mainly of copper and zinc. The proportions of copper and zinc can vary to produce different types of brass. Sometimes, other metals such as lead and nickel can be added to brass as well.Brass is known for its strength and durability. it is also very malleable, making it […]

Important tips for how to maintain your jewelry


In order to Let your jewelry have more soul, come, the old driver will take you on the road and tell you how to maintain your jewelry pieces Alloy jewelry: As long as it is properly maintained, there is no problem wearing it for one year. This kind of jewelry does not need to use […]

How to match jewelry in different seasons?

jewelry shooting

Color determines your complexion, and choosing color determines your complexion. Although the prerequisite for choosing jewelry color is a preference for jewelry color, if the color of jewelry does not match the “skin color attribute”, the “blemishes” on the face cannot be covered. , But also make jewelry lose its sense of value. As early […]